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If you want to be a developer, please send an e-mail to with your Codeplex user and your ideas/motivation. Below some tips for developers of this project.

Project Organization

The root of the project has configuration files for IDEs and a folder called hl2glsl. Inside this folder, you will find some C# files and the following directories:
  • bin - Binary files. Your IDE should put the debug and release binary files here.
  • doc - Documentation, BNFs, Tutoriais, Free Books, Articles and Presentations
  • etc - The grammar and a script file which runs grammatica and generates the C# parser files
  • examples - Some HLSL shaders used during test sessions.
  • lib - Library files to C# and Java.
  • parser - A C# namespace to the parser generated by Grammatica. Do not edit this files, they will be made every compilation.


There are project files and configuration for MonoDevelop IDE under Linux. If you will use other IDE, you must create and configure the environment.

Generating the parser C# files.

Running /etc/ Grammatica will create four files in parser folder.

Project Architecture

The Figure below shows the project architecture.

hlsl arch.jpg

See also: Grammatica as a Semantic Parser, Ambiguity problem with Grammatica

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